Heroin Distribution Lawyers In Freehold New Jersey

Former Prosecutors That Defend First, Second & Third Degree Heroin Distribution Charges

If you were arrested for distributing heroin, your charge shall be heard at the Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold New Jersey. This is the courthouse with sole jurisdiction to decide a first, second or third crime for distribution or possession with intent to distribute heroin. The team of accomplished criminal lawyers and former prosecutors at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive experience representing individuals charged with indictable offenses involving heroin and other forms of controlled dangerous substance (“CDS”).  Our staff includes a ex-drug task force director and others who have successfully defended countless Freehold heroin charges over their 100 plus years in combined practice. Call our Freehold Office at 732-462-1197 to speak to an attorney on our staff immediately.

All you have to do is pick up the Asbury Park Press or take a peek at the paper online to witness the volume of heroin arrests throughout Monmouth County. All of these charges are filtered to Freehold New Jersey as the home of the county courthouse. Whether the offense is for first degree heroin trafficking, second degree heroin distribution in a public park zone or a basic possession with intent to distribute violation, the venue of the case will be Freehold. Having an attorney that has represented clients at this courthouse, is familiar with the court system and what goes into a successful defense of a heroin distribution charge, is pivotal to your maintaining your freedom and avoiding other serious consequences. This is what a lawyer at our firm can offer you.

Defenses That Our Freehold Heroin Trafficking Attorneys Will Explore

A thorough defense in a heroin trafficking cases involves much more than negotiating a favorable plea bargain. Achieving the best possible resolution for a client requires exploration of every viable defense. A savvy attorney will challenge:

  • Probable cause for a warrantless search and/or seizure of heroin;
  • The basis for issuance of a search warrant;
  • Lack of intent to distribute heroin (i.e. it was personal possession as opposed to distribution);
  • Admissibility of statements obtained in violation of your Miranda Rights;
  • Testimony of confidential informants (e.g. controlled buys, co-conspirators, etc.) and other witnesses; and
  • The state establishing each and every element of its heroin distribution case beyond reasonable doubt.

Another avenue of relief that our Freehold drug distribution lawyers will exploit is diversion. Two programs that potentially apply to allow someone escape the penalties under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, 2C:35-7 and 2C:35-7.1 are Pretrial Intervention and Drug Court.

Freehold NJ Heroin Distribution Defense Attorney

Cases involving allegations of selling, distributing and possession with intent to distribute heroin are filed all the time in Freehold NJ. Hiring a skilled defense attorney can make all the difference between prison and freedom, especially when the offense is a first degree crime or second degree crime. A highly experienced criminal lawyer like those at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can ensure that every possible avenue for you to avert a conviction is exhausted so that the most favorable resolution of your case is achieved. This is the hallmark of zealous representation by our attorneys and you deserve nothing less. To speak to one of the lawyers on our staff immediately, call our Freehold Office at 732-462-1197.

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