How To Find The Best Freehold Criminal Attorney To Defend Your Case

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Our criminal lawyers defend cases in Freehold New Jersey and the Monmouth County Courthouse.There are many considerations when someone is researching lawyers to handle a felony case in Monmouth County.  The biggest piece of advice that we need to stress is that you carefully examine the genuine qualifications of a lawyer when you are embarking upon this type of search. We honestly could not even estimate the percentage of Freehold NJ criminal defense lawyers that portray themself as accomplished when, in reality, they possess very little in terms of real experience. Take a very close look beyond puffery so that you know what you are dealing with prior to hiring a criminal lawyer to defend your offense at the county courthouse in Freehold New Jersey.

The credentials that our firm can provide are unquestionably unique. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can offer you:

  • Over two centuries of collective experience defending Freehold criminal charges such as eluding, aggravated assault, CDS distribution
  • 10 lawyers that practice exclusively in the area of defense
  • Former members of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office who previously served as Director of the Trial Division, Major Crimes Bureau, Domestic Violence, Juvenile, and other key positions
  • Certified criminal trial attorneys
  • Thousands of cases handled at the Monmouth County Superior Court
  • An office directly across from the courthouse on Court Street

Don’t be one of many who discover that their attorney is lacking in actual trial experience when it is too late. Make certain that the criminal lawyer in Freehold that you are considering has completed trials like yours in the past. You cannot afford to find out that this isn’t the case when it is too late. To learn in detail how we can help you, call us at 732-462-1197 for a free consultation.

Proper Criteria For Selecting A Lawyer to Defend A Freehold NJ Criminal Offense

Provided you do the research required in order to make a genuine assessment of the actual experience of a lawyer, there are key factors that we believe are important in deciding who will represent you. The following are the characteristics that should be of importance to you.

  1. Experience. The number one criteria for deciding who will represent you is experience. Questions like do they specialize in criminal defense, how many cases like mine have they handled, and do they have trial experience in this area are all extremely important in terms of experience.  You certainly do not want to entrust your charge to someone who has only defended a limited number of Freehold Superior Court cases or an attorney with limited trial experience. Do your research and ask the tough questions regarding the experience of a candidate before making a decision.
  2. Connection With the Court System. A lawyer who has longstanding relationships in the court system, as well as an intimate familiarity with its workings can often be much more effective than a representative lacking such a connection. So do your best to identify those attorneys who have a significant relationship with the Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold, as well as the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.
  3. History of Success. You need to know the track record of the candidates you are considering. Reviews can be a good source for insight although they are often subject to manipulation. You should, therefore, ask every attorney you are considering what their outcomes have been in similar cases. But be careful not to fall into the trap of jumping on board with the lawyer that paints the rosiest picture — those representations are frequently too good to be true and designed to close a sale.
  4. Committed. There are criminal defense firms who are more prone than others in accepting pleas without mounting a formidable fight on behalf of a client. We find this is most often the case when you are dealing with criminal lawyers who try no cases. So ask your candidate how many jury trials he or she has completed in the last 24 months. If they are evasive or tell you none, then you know they are someone who is uncommitted. Indeed, it would be almost impossible for someone who purportedly handles sex crimes or handgun possession cases to lack trial experience since such a high percentage of those types of charges must be tried. If an attorney is holding themself out as someone who should be handling your case but has not trial experience, you should eliminate them from your finalists to handle your Freehold criminal case.
  5. Affordable. While you certainly do not want to hire the cheapest lawyers available, you also do not want to make a commitment that you are incapable of fulfilling. Your goal should be to find the very best attorney that is available and within your budget. Keep in mind that if an individual is charging a below-market fee then there probably is a good reason — he is either not in demand at all or has no intention of committing the time necessary to ensure your offense is resolved as favorably as possible.

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If you have been charged with felony crime anywhere in Monmouth County, your case will be heard at the Superior Court located in Freehold. You will want to hire the most effective New Jersey defense attorney you can find and we believe our firm has exactly what you need. A former prosecutor at the courthouse or another well-equipped lawyer on our team is ready to discuss precisely how we can help you. Call our Freehold Criminal Firm at 732-462-1197 for a free consultation immediately.