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Wall NJ DWI Lawyers

Largest & Most Specialist DWI Defense Team in Monmouth County

One of the most aggressive police departments in Monmouth County for driving while intoxicated and refusal charges is Wall New Jersey. In fact, the Wall Township Municipal Court consistently presides over more than 250 DWI cases each year, making it right at the top of the statistics for arrests in the county. Don’t let an arrest turn into a conviction and give yourself the best chance of success in fighting a DUI. Our DWI defense team is the largest by far in the state and it helps that our over 100 years of experience includes years serving as municipal prosecutors in Monmouth County, including time serving in Wall Township. Our Wall Township DWI Attorneys also hold high level credentials for handling your case, including:

  • The only law firm with more than one lawyer certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (we have 5)
  • Three lawyers who are among five statewide who are actual instructors in standardized field sobriety testing
  • 5 defenders who are certified on the Draeger Alcotest 7110 (Breath Test Machine)
  • Former DWI prosecutors in Monmouth County
  • Consistently handle the highest number of DWI cases of any firm appearing in Wall Township

When it comes to success in defending a Wall DUI offense stuff like political favor in the town is immaterial. The reason is because plea bargaining is outlawed in DWI cases. The result is that the only way to have your charge downgraded (i.e. dismissed) is by successfully defending the driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs violation. You need to convince the prosecutor and then the judge that there is a real issue that throws a wrench in the state’s ability to prove you guilty. This is why training and experience is crucial in achieving success in DWI cases like yours and the reason our attorneys have so much. Our goal is to provide our Wall NJ clients with the best opportunity to identify and persuasively present a DWI/DUI defense.  So call our Wall Township Office at 732-449-2292 now for an immediate free consultation.

Penalties if Convicted of DWI in Wall Township

The first question most individuals have after being arrested for a DWI or DUI is what can happen to them if they are convicted. The second question is usually what can be done to avoid a conviction. So lets discuss the penalties you face if you are found guilty of driving while intoxicated. The consequences are different depending on whether you have a prior conviction under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 and include:

First Offense of Driving While Intoxicated. You are facing significant fines and monetary assessments, along with mandatory drivers license suspension, intoxicated drivers resource center time, and state surcharges if you are convicted. In terms of the license suspension, a first offense of DWI in Wall Township carries three (3) months to twelve (12) months license suspension without any ability to obtain a work, conditional or hardship license as this provision does not exist in NJ. You will have to serve at least twelve (12) hours in the intoxicated drivers resource center for a first offense. A mandatory $1,000 per year Division of Motor Vehicles Surcharge will also be levied for a period of three (3) years. An ignition interlock must be installed on your car if your first conviction is based on a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15% or more. A thirty (30) day jail term may also be imposed.

Second Offense. If you are convicted for driving while intoxicated in Wall Township and it is your second offense, the fines and assessments escalate, as do the other penalties. There is a two year mandatory license suspension, 48 hours of mandatory IDRC time, and installation of an ignition interlock for one to three years. You will face a $1,500 per year surcharge that shall last for 3 years if convicted of a second offense. Lastly, there is a mandatory period of incarceration in jail upon conviction. A second offense carries between 2 and 90 days of jail.

Third or Subsequent Offense. While the increase in fines for a third offense in Wall Township is relatively minimum, the mandatory license suspension and jail term is not Your license shall be suspended for ten (10) years for a third offense. There is also a required jail term of one hundred and eighty (180) days, and none of this jail term may be suspended. An attorney may apply, however, to have up to ninety (90) days of the third offense jail term served in an inpatient rehabilitation (i.e. “rehab”) in lieu of jail. The installation of an ignitiion interlock is mandatory for a third offense as well.

Wall DUI Defense Attorneys

This brings us to the second question you probably have, namely, what our attorneys can do to avoid these penalties. Although the ramifications of a conviction for DWI are stiff, we have an extraordinary success rate in eliminating and/or reducing these DUI charges in Wall Township NJ.  While it may come as a surprise, we are probably successful in more cases than not in getting breath test and blood test results eliminated from a case. This frequently results in a drunk driving offense being DWI reduced or even eliminated. We also avoid jail in the majority of third offense cases although incarceration is supposed to be mandatory for a third offense. Similar success stories exist for other driving while intoxicated scenarios and we would be more than happy to discuss how will can help you with your DWI/DUI in Wall New Jersey. Give us a call anytime 24/7 at 732-449-2292.

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