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Monmouth County Federal Charges Defense Firm

In New Jersey and the rest of the country, most criminal charges are brought under state law. However, when crimes cross state borders, international boundaries, interfere with federal property, or otherwise qualify as a federal crime, then the FBI and the federal government may get involved.

Federal crimes often come with heavy penalties and can result in massive fines and decades of jail time. Federal charges are serious and require knowledgeable and dedicated lawyers to defend against them.

Federal investigators and prosecutors are among the best in the country and will use their resources however needed to get a conviction. You need a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to stand up for your rights. When you’re facing federal criminal charges, don’t wait to get the help you need.

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The dedicated federal criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can help. With over 100 years of collective legal experience, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you defend yourself. Our lawyers have worked as prosecutors and as criminal defense lawyers in a wide range of cases in state and federal courts.

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, contact us today. You can reach us online or by phone. We’re available 24/7, and we offer a free initial consultation about your case.

Federal Crime Versus State Crime

State law applies in most criminal cases. States typically have jurisdiction over crimes that are committed within the state, but federal charges may apply if the crime takes place across state borders, involves federal law, or uses tools that have an interstate impact.

Federal charges are generally regarded as more serious than those brought by a state for several reasons, including:

  • Federal crime convictions carry extraordinary penalties. Although state crimes carry severe punishments, federal crimes may carry penalties that are even stiffer. Large fines and longer prison terms are common under federal law.
  • The federal government has significant resources that it can use to prosecute an individual. In some states, government attorneys may operate with limited resources on each case. This isn’t true for many federal criminal investigations. Prosecutors will use the resources they need to achieve the goal of conviction.
  • Federal crimes use a federal court process that usually benefits prosecutors. Many aspects of a legal case are governed by court rules and procedure. Federal court processes skew toward prosecutors, meaning that defense attorneys have to work harder in nearly every case. Federal rules and procedures also make bail and pre-trial release more difficult than they may be in the state system.
  • Federal prosecutors are regarded as tougher lawyers. The federal government draws from a deep pool of talented lawyers. Each one of them typically has fewer active cases than their state counterparts. That means that federal prosecutors can dedicate more time, energy, and resources to every case.

Federal prosecutors are regarded as some of the most challenging opponents in the legal system. If you’re facing federal charges, get the experienced representation you need. Contact the federal criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall today.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You Fight Federal Charges

At The Law Offices of John F. Marshall, we’re committed to defending individuals fighting federal charges. Our attorneys have built a reputation as tough and resourceful defenders of our clients. We have more than 100 years of combined experience representing those charged with crimes. We pride ourselves on the skill, knowledge, and resources we bring to every case.

When you’re charged with a federal crime, our lawyers can:

  • Act swiftly to protect you. A federal crime may seem like an insurmountable problem, but there is hope. Our experienced lawyers are available 24/7 to step in and build your defense. We’ll listen to you, understand the charges, and begin building your case from day one.
  • Handle any responses to grand jury indictments. In federal cases, a grand jury may be needed to issue criminal charges. If you suspect an indictment is in the works, our lawyers can advise you on next steps and prepare legal defenses.
  • Fight for your release if you’ve been arrested. Federal bail process is more complex and more involved than most state systems. Our knowledgeable lawyers will use their skill and experience to get you released on the lowest amount of bail possible. In some cases, it may be possible to get you released on your own recognizance, that is, your word that you will appear in future court proceedings. This type of pre-trial release will depend on the nature of the charges and other circumstances.
  • Protect your case and your rights. Federal investigations and prosecutions are high-pressured and thorough. You may be under significant pressure to hand over evidence that you are not legally required to. Our experienced federal criminal defense lawyers know what the government is allowed to take in an investigation, and we’ll work to protect your case and your rights throughout the process.
  • Conduct an independent investigation of the charges. In a federal criminal case, we’ll thoroughly investigate the charges against you. We’ll work tirelessly to find any problems with the charges or the evidence that supports them. Although federal investigators and prosecutors are skilled, they can make mistakes in gathering and using evidence. Our experienced attorneys will work to have illegal and invalid evidence thrown out.
  • Work to reduce the charges or have them dropped. Problems with the charges, the investigation process, or the evidence can all work against the charges. We’ll fight to identify weaknesses in the charges that can be used to reduce or eliminate them. In cases where your charges are part of a larger investigation, it may be possible to have charges reduced or dropped in exchange for testimony.
  • Represent you with skill and knowledge in court. If a trial is required, our lawyers will craft arguments, draft any filings, and do everything necessary for your case. We’ll zealously advocate for you and your rights in any court proceedings. When a conviction is unavoidable, we’ll work within federal sentencing guidelines to obtain the minimum sentence possible.

If you’re facing charges of a federal crime, contact us today. A federal charge can bring countless questions. At The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we can help you find the answers you need. Call us for a free consultation about your case.

Types of Federal Criminal Defense Cases We Handle in New Jersey

There are many federal crimes on the books. No matter what the crime is, the consequences of a conviction could be severe. We believe that everyone is entitled to a strong defense. If you’re facing federal charges, our experienced lawyers are here to help.

At The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we handle federal criminal cases, including:

  • Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substances. Distribution of controlled dangerous substances is a common federal charge in New Jersey. These cases usually build on detailed investigations and rely on a variety of procedural requirements. Punishments are severe, including years in prison and huge fines.
  • Federal Money Laundering. Under 18 U.S.C. § 1956, it’s a federal crime for an individual to conduct financial transactions when the individual knows the money involved includes the proceeds of a crime. For a charge to succeed, prosecutors must show that the individual had knowledge of the illegal nature of the money.
  • Insurance Fraud including Medicare Fraud. Insurance fraud and Medicare fraud is when individuals claim benefits that they are not entitled to. In many cases, suspected fraud is in fact legal and legitimate behavior.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Fraud. SNAP fraud can take many forms including lying on SNAP applications, selling benefits for cash, when retailers violate SNAP rules to gather benefits for themselves, and many other frauds. SNAP is a complex program with many detailed rules, and it’s possible for legal behavior to be confused with fraud.
  • Embezzlement. Embezzlement is a crime that happens when an individual uses a position of power or trust to steal money from others. Embezzlement differs from other forms of theft in that the individual accused of embezzlement must have some sort of legal control over the funds. Embezzlement charges can result in fines, jail time, and restitution to those who were harmed.
  • Bankruptcy Fraud. Bankruptcy is a process for freeing an individual or an organization of debts. Bankruptcy fraud occurs when people are dishonest during the bankruptcy procedure. For example, an individual may declare bankruptcy but not list significant assets that they hold. Sometimes, bankruptcy fraud charges result from honest mistake and misunderstandings, not illegal activity.
  • Child Pornography. The possession, production, or distribution of child pornography is highly illegal, and the government considers any such materials to be contraband. Charges can lead to significant fines and jail time.
  • Health Care Fraud. This charge usually involves reimbursement for health care services that were not actually provided. The FBI, Health and Human Services, the FDA, and the Drug Enforcement Administration often work together to identify cases of health care fraud.
  • Conspiracy. When two or more people allegedly work together to commit a crime and take action towards it, they may be charged with conspiracy. Conspiracy is a challenging charge to fight since it’s easy for the government to interpret an individual’s actions as furthering the conspiracy. Punishment may include up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
  • Securities Offenses. The financial industry is governed by many complex rules. Securities offenses stem from a violation of rules including 18 U.S.C. § 3301 and many others. Securities offenses are complex to investigate and complex to prosecute. If you’re charged with a securities offense, there may be ways to defend against the charges.
  • Tax Violations. The IRS is tasked with collecting taxes, and there are numerous laws supporting that authority. Individuals and organizations are required to truthfully report income and pay taxes as required. When individuals or organizations are suspected of hiding assets or misreporting them, they may be charged with a violation. In many cases, errors and honest mistakes can lead to charges.
  • Lewdness. Lewdness can be charged in a federal court, often under state law, and lewdness and lewd materials can lead to other charges. Distribution of obscene or lewd materials can be a violation of federal law. There are complex and subjective tests for whether material qualifies as lewd or obscene. Charges may result in fines or prison time.
  • Charges at Fort Dix, Gunnison Beach, and other federal installations. Trespassing, theft, and other crimes that happen on federal property can be charged as federal crimes. If you’re charged with violations on federal property, there may be defenses available. Speak with a federal criminal defense attorney about your options.

Knowledgeable & Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in New Jersey

Federal charges are very serious, but you don’t have to face them alone. Federal crimes are complex, based on detailed investigations, and subject to stringent rules. Federal prosecutors and investigators have significant resources at their disposal and will fight for conviction. Every federal criminal defense case requires careful planning, a deep knowledge of federal law, and zealous advocacy for the accused. Be sure to get the legal representation you need.

At The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our federal crime attorneys have the experience and resources to help. If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, we’re here to help you.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer a free consultation about your case. No matter what charge you’re facing, we’ll listen to you and advise you on how we can help. Contact us online or call us now.