Brielle Municipal Court

Criminal & Traffic Charges in Brielle NJ

The Monmouth County municipality of Brielle has a much higher volume of criminal and serious traffic charges than you might anticipate for a town of about 2,375 residents. This is largely the result of popular bars and restaurants in the town such as Shipwreck Grill, Waypoint 622 (formerly Union Landing), the Brielle River House, and Rella’s Italian Tavern. Boating along the Manasquan River, including partying at Treasure Island, also accounts for quite a number of charges.

If you were arrested or charged with a criminal offense, motor vehicle violation or DWI in Brielle NJ, our firm is aligned nicely to defend you. In addition to being longtime residents in the town, we have been appearing in Brielle Municipal Court for almost twenty-five years now. It also helps that the lawyers on our team include former prosecutors in the county who make up a staff with over 100 years of collective experience. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall certainly has the knowledge and experience to defend you and initial consultations are free. Call our Wall NJ Office 24/7 at 732-681-0080 to immediately speak to a Brielle Criminal Attorney.

Disorderly Persons Offense in Brielle Municipal Court

A misdemeanor criminal charge is referred to as a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey. The Judge in Brielle, Honorable Paul J. Caportorto, hears hundreds of these violations annually. Last year, there were over 200 complaints for simple assault, disorderly conduct, possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana, lewdness and other charges of this grade were heard in Brielle Municipal Court. Although an offense falling within this criminal grade is not a felony, it has the potential for resulting in significant consequences. The biggest ramification is the criminal record that you will have if convicted. In addition, you face fines and assessments that can exceed $1,000, as well as the possibility of up to six (6) months in the Monmouth County Correctional Institute. If you were charged with a drug/CDS related offense, you will also be exposed to a mandatory driver’s license suspension of 6-24 months.

Our attorneys are adapt in securing downgrades to an ordinance violation and dismissals of disorderly persons offenses in Brielle Municipal Court. This outcome allows our clients to avoid a record, the potential for jail, as well as many of the other consequences which come with a conviction for disorderly conduct, marijuana possession or another complaint. Our ability to achieve results like these comes with years of experience appearing in this court and the knowledge and familiarity with Prosecutor Holzapfel’s Office gained over time.

Here is an instruction video showing how to find the Brielle Municipal Courtroom:

First, Second, Third & Fourth Crimes in Brielle NJ

More serious criminal offenses are termed indictable offenses. Charges falling within this category include possession of an illegal handgun, aggravated assault on a police officer, possession in any form of heroin and cocaine, assault by auto, and other crimes of the first to fourth degree. When some is arrested on such a violation, as well as a restraining order issue, the related case is referred to the Superior Court in Freehold for handling. The reason is because this is the court with jurisdiction to hear matters of this severity. Our team of lawyers includes former county prosecutors and a staff that has been defending charges at this level for decades now.

Brielle New Jersey Traffic Offense

For anyone who drives over the bridge from Point Pleasant to Brielle regularly, it is apparent just how keenly the police are in attempting to stop motorists for violating the traffic law. You can find a Brielle Police car at the bottom of New Jersey Route 35 bridge most of the time and things are not much different at the base of the New Jersey Route 70 bridge from Brick Township into Brielle. And even when someone is not speeding, failing to observe a traffic signal or committing some other infraction in the presence of the police, most of the patrol cars in the borough are equipped with automatic license plate recognition scanning (“ALPR”). It is common to see police cars sitting on the side of Route 71, Route 35 or Route 70 scanning plates of passing motorists to identify and stop those driving while suspended or driving without insurance. If you had the misfortune of being stopped by the Brielle Police for a traffic offense, you need to defend the charge as the financial ramifications of a ticket or summons can often be severe. In addition, to increased insurance costs from moving violations, there are motor vehicle points that assessed. An accumulation of 4 or more points results in surcharges and a suspension if you reach 12 points. It can become a snowball that is difficult to control so your best option is to insure that you avoid a conviction in the first place.

The attorneys at our firm include several former traffic prosecutors who have defended hundreds of motor vehicle violations in Brielle. We routinely secure reduced charges and sentences for even the most serious of moving violations like driving while suspended. To learn what we can do for you in a free initial consultation, call our Wall Office at 732-681-0080.

Brielle Ordinance Violations

During 2015, the Brielle Police Department purchased a new boat to patrol the Manasquan River and access Treasure Island where significant partying takes place. This has spawned a whole new segment of criminal and ordinance violations for such things as open alcohol container in public, possession of marijuana, improper behavior, excessive noise, and even lewd conduct.

  • 3-16.1 Prohibited on Public or Semi-Public Property. Sales, Service or Consumption Prohibited. No person shall serve, sell dispense, drink or consume any alcoholic beverages on a street of the Borough, or upon any public or semipublic grounds, parks, sidewalks, beaches or marine basins or in any automobile or other vehicle or in any other means of transportation on public streets, highways, alleys, avenues, grounds, sidewalks, beaches, parks, marine basins, beachfronts or boardwalks in the Borough.

Possession of Container. No person shall have or retain in his possession or throw or discard an empty or partially consumed container, glass, bottle or can containing an alcoholic beverage while walking, running or standing, or while occupying a motor vehicle or other means of transportation on a public street, highway, avenue, alley, road or public or semipublic grounds, park, sidewalk, marine basin, parking lot, beachfront or boardwalk in the Borough.

  • 3-17.1 Offensive Language; Interference with People. No person shall utter loud and offensive or indecent language or make offensive remarks to or upon any person within the confines of the Borough, or obstruct or interfere with any persons being within the confines of the Borough.
  • 3-17.2 Public Attire, Sale of Obscene Literature, Obscene Exhibitions. No person shall appear on any street, avenue or public place in this Borough in a state of nudity or in any obscene, indecent or lewd dress, or cause any obscene, indecent or lewd exposure whatever, or be guilty of any obscenity, lewdness or any indecent act or behavior; nor shall exhibit, sell or offer to sell any obscene, indecent or lewd book, picture or thing, nor shall exhibit or perform any obscene, indecent, immoral or lewd play or representation.
  • 3-17.3 Improper Noises or Disturbances. No person shall make, aid or assist in making any unreasonable or improper noise, disturbance, riot or breach of the peace within the Borough.
  • 3-17.4 Interfering with, Resisting Police Officer; Failure to Assist. No person shall, within the limits of said Borough, hinder or obstruct any Borough Officer in the performance of his duties, nor shall any person willfully refuse or neglect to assist any Borough Officer when lawfully called upon by him so to do in the execution of any process or in the suppression of any breach of the peace or disorderly conduct, or in case of an escape, or when such officer is resisted in the discharge of his duty; nor shall any person knowingly resist or oppose any officer or person authorized by law in serving or attempting to serve any writ, bill, order or process or when making any arrest, either with or without a warrant.
  • 3-17.5 Indecent Exposure or Attire. It shall be unlawful for any person to appear or travel on any street, avenue, highway, road, beach or waterway located in the Borough of Brielle, or to appear in any public place, store or business in said Borough, in a state of nudity or in an indecent or lewd dress or garment or to make any indecent or unnecessary exposure of his or her person.

Brielle NJ Criminal & DWI Lawyers

It is all too common for people to make the mistake of trying to handle a serious municipal court case on their own. Brielle Municipal Court is not unique in this regard as we witness litigants making this error all the time only to be shackled with a criminal record or license suspension after the fact. Do not make a foolish and shortsighted decision, call our Brielle Defense Lawyers to learn what we can do to avoid the penalties of your charge. An attorney is always available 24/7 in our Wall Township Office by calling 732-681-0080.