Asbury Park Underage Drinking Lawyer

Underage Alcohol Possession & Consumption Charges in Asbury Park

Possession and consumption of alcohol by those under the legal drinking age of twenty one (21), also referred to as underage drinking, results in many charges annually in the City of Asbury Park. Whether the result of drinking on the boardwalk, on the beach, at concert or simply in a car, a conviction in Asbury Park Municipal Court can have serious consequences, including a criminal record that will follow you for years to come. This is but one reason why you should contact the attorneys at our firm for a free initial consultation. The staff of criminal lawyers at Marshall & Bonus are capable of guiding you throw this confusing situation utilizing over 100 years of collective experience, including significant time serving as prosecutors in Monmouth County. An attorney is available 24/7 at 732-450-8300 to discuss your fake id or other offense in Asbury Park.

Asbury Park Underage Drinking Offense

An underage drinking offense is typically filed under N.J.S.A. 2C:33-15 in Asbury Park. This criminal charge prohibits someone under 21 from knowingly possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages in a public place, school or motor vehicle. There are four elements that must be establish by the prosecutor including that: (1) the accused was under legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages; (2) he/she possessed or consumed an alcoholic beverage; (3) the conduct occurred at a school, public place or motor vehicle; and (4) the possession or consumption was knowing.

Penalties. The penalties that may be imposed at the time of sentencing include a fine of at least $500 and up to six months in jail. There is also a six month driver’s license suspension if the violation was committed in a motor vehicle. The resulting criminal conviction is ineligible for expungment (i.e. removal from your record) for at least five years as well.

Amendment to Municipal Ordinance Offense. The goal of our lawyers is frequently to secure a downgrade of a 2C:33-15 to a municipal ordinance. This allows the client to avoid a criminal record and other possible penalties. Asbury Park Ordinance 6-8.2, which is titled Consumption, Purchase or Attempt to Purchase Alcoholic Beverages, makes it unlawful for a person under legal age to purchase alcohol to consume, purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages in the city.

Asbury Park Underage Alcohol Possession Defense Lawyers

The primary lesson to be learned here is that you should not misconstrue an underage alcohol possession offense as something that cannot effect your future. A conviction will result in a criminal record that will remain for at least the next five years and possibly longer. The truth is, however, that our Asbury Park Criminal Attorneys have a long history of avoiding pleas and findings of guilt to a charge for possession of alcohol underage. The overwhelming likelihood is that an attorney on our team can accomplish the same for you. Defense lawyers are ready to discuss your case immediately by calling 732-450-8300. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity as initial consultations with our defense lawyers are free.