Sandy Hook Criminal Defense Lawyers

Arrested by National Park Rangers of the Gateway National Recreation Area

The vast majority of Sandy Hook, including Gunnison Beach and Fort Hancock, is national park land that falls within federal jurisdiction as opposed to that of Middletown Township, Highlands or another municipality. Criminal charges issued by park rangers along this six mile barrier split are referred to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in Newark. Offenses were previously handled in the courtroom at Fort Monmouth in Oceanport NJ before its BRAC closing in or about 2010. We know these facts extremely well because our defense firm is the largest in Monmouth County (and perhaps the state) and has been in operation for decades. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have successfully defended countless clients charged with a wide variety of charges at Sandy Hook over the years. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in what is necessary to effectively handle offenses arising at Gunnison Beach and elsewhere within the Gateway National Recreation Area. If you were arrested and charged with any type of violation at this location and would like to speak to a lawyer on our team anytime 24/7, call our Red Bank Office (732-450-8300) or Newark Office (973-733-2204) for a free consultation.

Criminal & DWI Charges at Sandy Hook

Title 36 of the United State Code of Federal Regulation outlines the rules, regulations and laws that apply when someone visits areas of Sandy Hook like Gunnison Beach, North Beach or South Beach. Many New Jersey laws are “assimilated” under the code. What this means is that state criminal and motor vehicle statutes apply to the extent that there is not a provision to the contrary contained in Title 36. The following are some of the more frequently federal regulations encountered in National Park Service cases that we handle:

It must be stressed that the list of offenses is less than fully comprehensive and concerns the federal violations most often charged. As previously stated, New Jersey law is assimilated by the Federal District Court in Sandy Hook cases, including allegations of illegal conduct at Gunnison Beach where nude sunbathing and alcohol consumption is permitted. The incident of arrests involving certain charges is so prevalent at this and other locations at Sandy Hook that our lawyers have compiled specific offense pages, including:

  • Lewd Conduct at Sandy Hook
  • Sandy Hook Disorderly Conduct
  • Drug Possession at Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook
  • Federal Offense for Underage Drinking or Possession of Alcohol
  • DWI
  • Gunnison Beach Lewdness Attorney

The practices in Federal Court are much different and more formal than those which apply in state court. It is therefore particularly important that you hire an attorney who has considerably experience appearing before the United States Magistrate Judge Anthony R. Mautone in Newark.

Gunnison Beach Criminal Charge Attorney

As lawyers that represent a significant number of individuals charged with an offense at Sandy Hook, we know that the biggest block of charges occur at Gunnison Beach. There are a number of explanations for this fact including consumption of alcohol, the tendency for things to go a little too far with naked activities, and the extreme efforts of rangers to police this area. If you had the unfortunate experience of being issued a summonses or, worse yet, being arrested at Gunnison Beach, do not take this lightly. Beyond the penalties that you will face if convicted, there is no ability to expunge a federal criminal record. You therefore need to present your very best defense if you want to escape serious consequences. An attorney with the skills you need is available immediately to assist you at our firm. We encourage you to contact our office for a free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer on our staff.