Human Trafficking

Monmouth County NJ Human Trafficking Lawyers

Although the offense is relative rare in Monmouth County, there are more than a handful of human trafficking cases filed annually. If you were arrested based on allegations that you put someone in sexual slavery or forced them to provide labor, you are probably facing a human trafficking charge under N.J.S.A. 2C:13-8.This law was enacted by the New Jersey legislature in 2005, making the trafficking of humans a first degree crime. You certainly need the services of an experienced criminal lawyer if you have been charged with violating 2C:13-8 as you could be sent to state prison for 20 years if you are convicted. The firm of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has been active members of the criminal defense bar in this county for well over 20 years now and some of our attorneys have even served as prosecutors in the jurisdiction. We are prepared to put our 100 years of collective experience defending prostitution and other criminal offenses to work for you. Call our Freehold Office at 732-462-1197 if you were charged in Keyport, Fair Haven, Long Branch, Middletown, Matawan or another Monmouth County town with human trafficking.

Charged With Human Trafficking

In accordance with N.J.S.A. 2C:13-8, there are two (2) classes of individuals who may be charged with human trafficking. The first category is a person who knowingly holds, recruits, lures, entices, harbors, transports, provides or obtains, by any means, another person, to engage in sexual activity or to provide labor or services. The second group of individuals who may be charged with human trafficking are those who receive something of value from participating as an organizer, supervisor, financier or manager in a scheme or course of conduct set forth in category one. The means used to accomplish these activities must include threats of serious bodily harm or physical restraint, a scam, plan or pattern intended to cause the victim to believe that they or any other person would suffer serious bodily harm or physical restraint, criminal coercion, destroying, concealing, removing, confiscating, or possessing any passport, immigration-related document, or other government issued document used to identify age or identity, or any other personally identifying information, or abusing or threatening to abuse the law or legal process. There is immunity from prosecution for this offense, however, if the defendant is a victim of human trafficking at the time of the violation.

Jail, Fines & Other Penalties for Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a first degree crime and the New Jersey Legislature has crafted unusually severe penalties for this offense which are even more severe than those that would ordinarily apply to a crime of the first degree. An individual convicted of human trafficking may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 20 years without any possibility of parole or, alternatively, a term of between 20 years and life with the defendant being ineligible for parole during the first (20) years. The maximum fine is $200,000 with a mandatory minimum of $25,000. This monetary penalty is to be paid to the Human Trafficker Survivor’s Assistance Fund. In addition, a person convicted of human trafficking must make restitution to any victim. The amount of restitution must be either the gross income or value of the victim’s labor or services (whichever is greater). This amount should be determined by either the “New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act”, the “New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law”, the “Seasonal Farm Labor Act”, or the laws concerning the regulation of child labor, or any other applicable state or federal law.

Freehold NJ Human Trafficking Attorneys

Contrary to popular belief, human trafficking does occur in Monmouth County. Typically these violations involve brothels consisting of women brought in from abroad and forced into prostitution. Whether you have been accused of involvement in such a scheme or another scenario for human trafficking, this is not a charge for anything other than a highly skilled criminal lawyer. Our Freehold NJ Human Trafficking Attorneys include former prosecutors and a staff that possesses well over a century of combined experience. We represent individuals indicted for human trafficking in Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Tinton Falls, Eatontown, Keansburg, and Ocean. To speak to a lawyer at our firm, call 732-462-1197.