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Federal Criminal Defense

Sculpture and Crest of U.S. Attorney for District of New Jersey

Charged With Violating Federal Law?

Some of the most complicated and extreme criminal offenses are those which have been filed by the Federal Government. Whether the allegations are brought by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”), Federal Bureau of Investigations (“FBI”), Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (“ATF”) or even the National Parks Service, the United States Attorney takes violations of the law very seriously. They also have the muscle and skills to back up their efforts with a slew of highly knowledgeable prosecutors. If you have been charged with any type of federal crime, you certainly need to enlist a defense attorney with commensurate abilities. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have over 100 years of combined criminal experience, including years as prosecutors, making up one of the largest defense teams in the state. For an immediate consultation with one of our lawyers, you are invited to contact our Red Bank Office or Freehold Office.

Experienced Attorneys to Defend Your Federal Charge in Trenton, Newark & Camden

The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey has the ability to file cases in one of three (3) courts in the state, the U.S. Federal District Court in Trenton, Newark or Camden. The nature of these proceedings can fall into a wide range including CDS distribution, money laundering, internet-related crimes (e.g. child pornography), insurance fraud, and embezzlement. There is also a sub-variety of charges arising on Federal Military bases like Fort Dix and at National Parks like Gateway National Recreation area that are handled in federal court. We are prepared to assist you in the defense of all of these charges including:

Do not be misguided, you are in need of representation if you have been arrested, questioned, or are under investigation for any variety of federal crime. Federal prosecutors rarely pursue cases unless they are seeking to impose penalties that include some period of incarceration. A term of imprisonment is the norm rather than the exception and even in the small percentage of cases where jail is not being sought, there is no ability to expunge a federal conviction. A finding of guilt will follow you around for the rest of your life.

Skilled Federal Lawyers With Offices in Newark & Princeton

If you were arrested by the DEA, FBI or another federal agency, have been called in for questioning, or have any other reason to believe you are a target for prosecution, call our criminal defense lawyers immediately. We can assist you in protecting yourself and insure that you are treated fairly under the law. An attorney at the firm is available to meet you in our Newark, Red Bank or Princeton Office immediately. Call us 24/7 for immediate assistance at 877-450-8301. The consultation is without obligation.

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