Proving Mental Incompetence

Mental Incompetence Criminal Lawyers in Monmouth County In Monmouth County, New Jersey, if someone lacks the ability to understand the proceedings against them and they are unable to contribute to their own defense, then all proceedings must cease, so long as the incapacity continues. Mental incapacity will prevent someone from being tried, convicted or sentenced. It is important .. Read More»

Expungment of a Juvenile Conviction

Juvenile Expungment Lawyers in Monmouth County In Monmouth County, New Jersey, a juvenile’s past indiscretions will not always follow that juvenile throughout their life. The legal system in New Jersey provides juveniles with the opportunity to have their criminal record expunged either entirely or of a solitary act. This allows juveniles, who are soon to be adults, with .. Read More»

De Minimus Infractions

Claiming That Conduct Is So Minor That No Criminal Charge Should Apply In Monmouth County, New Jersey, not all charges will result in prosecution by the State. Depending on the circumstances, a charge for violating probation in Wall Township may be dismissed. These motions are called De Minimis Infractions, and they can be a lead to a positive .. Read More»

Self Defense

Use of Self Defense in New Jersey In the State of New Jersey as of 2008, the criminal code has been revised as to N.J.S.A. 2C:3-4, 2C:3-6 and various other parts of Chapter 3 to allow for a quote on quote “Stand Your Ground” Law. Of course these types of statutes have come under fire in the media .. Read More»

Ocean Dumping

Charged With Illegal Dumping in the Ocean Monmouth County is partially surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. To protect this natural resource, oceanfront municipalities in the county strictly enforce illegal dumping into waterways like the Manasquan River, Shrewsbury River, Sandy Hook or on beaches along the Jersey Shore. Just this past Spring, two international shipping companies plead guilty to .. Read More»