Monmouth County Vandalism Charge

If you were arrested for vandalism in Matawan, Brielle, Millstone, Deal, Union Beach, Middletown or another municipality in Monmouth County, you probably would like to know what New Jersey Law says about this offense. The following is a brief summary of what is involved in terms of prosecuting this charge and the applies that apply if you are found guilty. To speak to an attorney about this offense, call our Freehold Office or Red Bank Office for immediate assistance. The consultation is free and one of our lawyers will be more than happy to assist you.

Tinton Falls Vandalism Attorney

Perpetrated by many angst-filled adolescents, vandalism is a common offense that is typically punished in a municipal court as a disorderly persons offense. Vandalism is criminalized by a number of different criminal statutes, and the nature of the charge typically depends on the property that is damaged or desecrated. If an individual commits an act of vandalism on a public monument or structure they will be charged under N.J.S.A. 2C:33-17. Alternatively, if the defendant vandalizes the property of another individual, then they will be subject to prosecution for criminal mischief under N.J.S.A. 2C:17-3 as criminal mischief. While 2C:33-11 is a disorderly persons offense, the crime of criminal mischief can fall with the grade of a third degree crime, fourth degree crime or disorderly persons offense, depending on the value of the property damaged. In order for the prosecutor in Tinton Falls, Asbury Park, Wall or another town to convict you for vandalism, he/she must establish three things. First, you must have acted purposely. A person acts purposely if they act intentionally or it is their desire to produce a result. Second, you must have desecrated something, meaning that you must have defaced, damaged or polluted the object. Third, the object must have been a pubic monument, symbol, or structure.

Vandalism Defense Lawyers in Holmdel NJ

You need to take a vandalism offense seriously as a conviction will result in your having a criminal record. The aftermath of your failure to successfully defend this charge can include difficulty securing employment, a professional license or certification and other issues. The flip of this is that our attorneys can usually avoid a conviction for vandalism in Holmdel, Marlboro, Shrewsbury, Fair Haven and other jurisdictions within Monmouth County. So if you or your child was arrested for vandalism, call our firm for the guidance you need and deserve. A vandalism defense lawyer on our team will give you their time and the consultation is free.