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Juvenile Criminal Offenses

Highly Experienced Freehold Juvenile Lawyers

There are few things that can shock a parent like being informed that their son or daughter is going to be charged with a criminal offense. The emotions tend to be even worse for those who have the added complication of their child being formally arrested and in the custody of police. Their are literally a slew of thoughts and emotions that can arise but what is pivotal is that you obtain the assistance of a skilled juvenile lawyer as soon as possible and preferably one who is experienced in handling cases in the Juvenile Division in Freehold. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, make up the largest criminal defense team in Monmouth County, include several former prosecutors, and possess over 100 years of experience between them. Our Freehold Office also happens to be a short distance from the Monmouth County Superior Court where your child’s case shall be heard. Every juvenile is required to have a license lawyer at their side when they walk into court so it is clearly in your interests to call our law firm for a free consultation at 732-462-1197 so that you are equipped to navigate the legal system.

The first thing you need to know before calling us is that irrespective of whether your child is accused of a disorderly persons offense or a felony charge (i.e. first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree crime), their case filed in the Family Division of the Monmouth Vicinage as opposed to in Manalapan, Holmdel, Howell, Marlboro, Wall, Middletown or wherever else your child has been accused. The reason this occurs is because the legal system is primarily designed to rehabilitate children and it is believed that best way to facilitate this goal is to treat the event as a family issue in a closed court proceeding. Historically, there is a single judge who sits in the Juvenile Court and is entrusted with deciding every case involving someone under eighteen (18) years old who is accused in Monmouth County of a criminal charge like:

While the objective of the juvenile justice system in New Jersey is help rather than punish children who violate the law, do not be mistaken into thinking that there are not consequences if your child is convicted of an offense. The truth is that their liberty can be taken without any opportunity for bail under certain circumstances. They can even be referred to the Criminal Division for treatment as an adult if the violation in Freehold, Hazlet, Neptune, Ocean Township, Aberdeen or another municipality in Monmouth County was extreme.

Monmouth County Juvenile Defense Attorney

The main point to be taken from all of this is that your child absolutely needs an attorney. In fact, it is not even a matter of discretion on the part of a parent as to whether their child shall be represented as the law requires that a juvenile have a lawyer. It therefore only makes sense for you to act immediately rather than later to contact our Monmouth County Firm to insure that you know your rights and your son or daughter is protected. You have literally nothing to lose by calling us as initial consultations are free. Attorneys are available 24/7 to help you.

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