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Juvenile Criminal Charge For Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threat, Marijuana Possession, Burglary, Criminal Mischief, Drug Distribution or Another Offense in Middletown New Jersey

Our Former Prosecutors Are Ready To Defend Your Son or Daughter At The Monmouth County Superior Court

If your child has been charged with a juvenile criminal offense in Middletown New Jersey, you have landed in the right place. The lawyers at our criminal defense firm have been a fixture in Monmouth County for decades and have defended countless juvenile delinquency charges such as aggravated assault, drug distribution, terroristic threat, marijuana possession and criminal mischief. Selecting an accomplished attorney like those at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is pivotal to the protection of your child’s future since experience can often translate into results. Whether the case involves a disorderly persons offense or an indictable crime of the first, second, third or fourth degree, an accomplished juvenile attorney is going to be able to maximize the chances of an acquittal and/or favorable outcome. For an immediate free consultation with one of our attorneys, call our Middletown at 732-615-0039.

Juvenile Offense in Middletown

The defense of a juvenile offense is significantly different from that of an adult. First and foremost, the case will not be heard in Middletown Municipal Court as every criminal charge involving a minor must be directed to the Juvenile Part of the Family Part of the Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold. The second thing you should know is that every child (i.e. someone under 18 years old) must be represented by a lawyer when they appear in juvenile court. A third consideration is that there is no right to a jury trial in a juvenile case; the judge presiding over the charges shall decide all issues of law and fact. The fourth and final dynamic you should know is that the primary goal of the juvenile justice is to rehabilitate rather an punish. Our attorneys are well acquainted with the intricacies of this system as litigators in the forum for over 100 years combined. An attorney on our staff is well equipped to represent your son or daughter in the defense of any juvenile charge, including:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Simple Assault
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Harassment
  • Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Xanax & Other Drugs
  • Distribution of CDS
  • Possession of a Handgun, Rifle, BB/Pellet/Airsoft Gun, Knife or Other Weapon
  • Sexual Assault
  • Criminal Sexual Contact
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Credit Card Theft

If your child was arrested by the Middletown Police or you have reason to believe he/she will be charged, you need to protect their future. Selecting an experienced juvenile attorney is precisely what they need to move on with their life with minimal compromise.

Middletown Juvenile Defense Attorneys

It is understandable if you feel some level of panic as a result of your child being arrested for violating the law. The good news is that our team of defense attorneys have a long history of successfully defending assault, weapon, sex, drug, conspiracy and just about every other variety of criminal offense a child can face in Middletown. You are encouraged to call the Middletown Office of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall to discuss your case in a free consultation with a knowledge juvenile lawyer. Attorneys are available any time of day or night at 732-615-0039 to provide the information and insight you are seeking. An attorney is ready to provide a free consultation now

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