Client Reviews

“This office recently represented me on 3 municipal matters (all marijuana possession charges, facing probation and loss of license) and I have been thrilled by the experience I’ve had with this office so far. Not only are they on top of every step of each individual case, but they’ve gotten dream results for me thus far and it wasn’t nearly as expensive as other lawyers I consulted. It doesn’t look like I’ll be ending up with the headache of probation monitoring or that I’ll even lose my license so I can still get to my job. What at first looked like a bad summer of bad judgment that would drastically alter my life circumstances is now no more than a learning lesson because of the work Marshall’s office did here. Without the help of this office and their competent attorneys I wouldn’t be driving, most likely wouldn’t be working as a result, and would probably be on probation. Thankfully I am not dealing with anything like that because I hired the right attorney and they represented me fairly, accurately, and worked hard on these cases to get me ideal results. Thanks guys!!!”

– from our client John

“John did an incredible job for me. Its not only his knowledge and skills that are so impressive but his ability to make you feel so comfortable. John is a regular person who you can talk to like any other person. It nice to have such a talented lawyer attorney working for you who you can feel so comfortable with. He is definitely special and you would be wise to hire him.”

– from our client Jones

“For anyone who has fallen to heroin or other opiates, criminal charges can mount. This is what happened to me over the last three years. I hear so many horror stories about bad attorneys. John is not that and will work hard to get the best results for you. That is what he did for me on three separate heroin cases. I never went to jail or even lost my license. He is a magician and I would never turn to anyone else.”

– from our client Luis

“I had been charged with DUI for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs. The police officer was insistent that I was impaired and was very inflexible to doing anything short of a conviction. John and Colin fought anyway possible to help me. The prosecutor and judge eventually relented when we were proceeding to trial. I was only found guilty of an improper lane change with all other charges dismissed. The efforts of John, Colin and the firm were extraordinary. I would recommend that you hire them if you have been charged with a DWI.”

– from our client Ed

“I hired John to defend a cocaine possession offense. This was not the first time for me and drug charges. He did a brilliant job challenging the motor vehicle stop and search of my car. The result was my avoiding a felony conviction for possession of cocaine. I now can move ahead with my future without a felony drug offense on my record. John is a committed attorney who invests his time and knowledge. He was worth every penny.”

– from our client Cassie

“I was referred to Jonathan for a second DWI defense. The case was in Brick NJ and for driving under the influence of marijuana. Jonathan and his team did an excellent job fighting the case. He knew what he was doing and that was clear by the way the prosecutor and judge treated him. You feel like you are with someone who is really special. He was able to avoid a conviction with my DWI being dismissed. Thousands was saved with the result, not to mention an additional two year suspension. John is a great attorney.”

– from our client William

“John is an exceptional lawyer. I hired him to fight a 4th DWI. No one expects but hopes to stay out of jail when they commit something like this. John and his staff attacked the case by trying to reopen my old cases and also saying that police didn’t do what they were supposed to on this DWI. We were able to get a prior conviction unusable because of ten years and then an old one because the plea wasn’t taken the right way. It all added up into me staying out of jail even though everyone thought that was impossible. I have hired others but John was the best. Thank you.”

– from our client Tom

“I have battled drug addiction for many years and it has gotten me in plenty of trouble. I have dealt with many attorneys over my lifetime and John is the best I have encountered. He is not only approachable and easy to talk to but a skilled battler when it comes to court. Despite prior distribution convictions, John and his firm was able to keep me out of prison. I didn’t think there was any chance of staying out of jail. Thank you John.”

– from our client Katy

“I received a third degree theft offense which was my ninth felony charge over the course of my life. I have battled a gambling issue for decades and resorted to criminal conduct to support my habit. I was convinced that I would have to serve some term of imprisonment but thanks to John’s work I received probation. I am so appreciate for his hard work and efforts. He is a highly respected attorney and I could not have asked for more.”

– from our client Barry

“I was charged with eluding, aggravated assault and resisting arrest. I was really drunk and not thinking straight. My mom was referred to John and we hired him to represent me. The case was resolved favorably with me secure Pretrial Intervention, something that was not supposed to occur because of the severity of the charges. I think John’s familiarity and respect from the prosecutors got me this. I really appreciate how he helped me and my family and would recommend that you hire him if you are faced with a criminal case.”

– from our client Jean Marie