Client Reviews

“I have made some mistakes including getting involved with drugs. This last time it almost landed me in prison but I hired Mr. Marshall. He was able to keep me out of jail and I did not even lose my license. His firm really knows what it is doing and you can tell this is something that the prosecutors recognize. I hope that I won’t need a criminal attorney again but it will definitely will be Mr. Marshall if I screw up.”

– from our client Cheryl

“My father was accused of sexual assault for something that supposedly occurred many years ago. We didn’t know what to do because we had never been involved in something like this before. My sisters and I did a lot of research and met with Jonathan. He provided us with both comfort and confidence in the meeting and I hired him for my father. I do not know whether it was his smooth confidence or just respect that he had earned but we could definitely see that he had the attention of both the prosecutor and judge when we appeared in court. The good news is that my father’s charges were eventually downgraded to the point that he can move on with his life without worrying about registering as a sex offender or going to jail. I know that John’s efforts were a major reason for the outcome, which was something other lawyers felt was unlikely. I recommend Jonathan and his firm to anyone needing a defense lawyer.”

– from our client Mel

“I was given Mr. Marshall’s contact info from a friend who had an excellent experience with him. He helped me with my divorce and I came out of court smiling. He knows his stuff.”

– from our client Kristin

“Jonathan has been extremely successful in handling all my legal needs he has been timely courteous sensible and efficient. If you want to be the best with the best then I urge you to use him in all your legal needs.”

– from our client Michael P.

“John and his team got my DWI dismissed because they discovered the trooper didn’t follow procedure. John was a straight shooter from the start and followed through. Thanks John, seriously!”

– from our client James

“Several years ago I had a DUI conviction and thanks to John it was able to be thrown out. Most recently this past summer I was involved in an assault and once again SIR JOHN MARSHALL was able to work his legal knowledge. I will forever be indebted to him. Thanks again.”

– from our client Danny

“My son was charged with a DWI and several misdemeanors during his freshman year in college including possession of marijuana, disorderly person, as well as several other charges. This was an extremely stressful time for us. All I could think about was how my son’s future was in jeopardy. I performed an internet search for a lawyer in Toms River and came across John’s firm. I read all of his reviews; researched his background; as well as performed other searches to ensure this would be a wise decision. Based on my research, we decided to hire John to handle my son’s cases. Once we made this decision, my son called John’s office and he returned my son’s call within an hour. He was extremely pleasant and helpful during his initial call. As a mother, I greatly appreciated the care with which John handled the case. He responded to all of our calls and emails expediently. I do not want to be redundant so I am going to sum my review up with this … what other reviewers experienced is precisely what we experienced: professionalism, empathy, diligence, concern, responsiveness and a strong work ethic.”

– from our client Ava

“My son was falsely arrested and charged with possession and consumption as a juvenile by the State Police. John Marshall’s firm fought to show my son’s innocence and WON! Both of his charges were dismissed with prejudice. I am so relieved as you can image. I felt confident after meeting with our attorney the first time in court. I highly recommend John Marshall’s firm to fight for you and get you the justice you deserve.”

– from our client Jennifer

“I needed to write this review because Jonathan Marshall and his office were one of the best professionals I have ever dealt with. I was in a very toxic relationship, living in fear ….. A colleague of mine recommended Jonathan Marshall. I was nervous to call, but it was the best decision I have made. The entire process of a restraining order was very scary, Jonathan Marshall made it easy to begin my life feeling safe. Thank you.”

– from our client Lori

“I hired Jonathan Marshall regarding my son, who was charged with DWI and warrants. I was in a complete panic and knew I needed to contact someone that would be there for me in an instant and not treat me like just another case. Jon was so supportive, helpful, understanding and it was such a pleasure to work with someone who truly cares about his work and the people he’s helping. I would, without hesitation, recommend him for your legal needs.”

– from our client Lisa