Freehold Mall Shoplifting Charge

Our Former Prosecutors Are Skilled Advocates With The Ability To Secure The Most Favorable Outcome In Your Freehold Shoplifting CaseOur criminal defense lawyers defend those charged with shoplifting at Freehold Mall, including at JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Macy's, Sears and Dick's Sporting Goods.

There are few shopping venues that yield more Monmouth County shoplifting charges than Freehold Raceway Mall. This probably should not be a shock given that it is the second largest shopping mall in New Jersey with anchor department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and Sears. If you were accused of engaging in retail theft, more commonly referred to as shoplifting, your situation is not unique. Our lawyers defend quite a number of clients charged with shoplifting at Freehold Mall annually and there are obviously hundreds of other arrests. If you were arrested on allegations of retail theft, contacting a skilled shoplifting defense lawyer is your best bet.

Our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, has been practicing in Freehold for decades. We have successfully handled hundreds of disorderly persons offenses for shoplifting in Freehold Township Municipal Court, as well as many indictable charges of the fourth degree and third degree at the Monmouth County Superior Court. To speak to an attorney on our staff anytime of day or night in a free consultation, contact our Freehold Office. It can be reached 24/7 at 732-462-1197. We encourage you to review the information that follows and that you call our office for the knowledgeable guidance you needed.

Freehold Mall Information

Freehold Raceway Mall is located in the Township of Freehold. The anchor department stores where most shoplifting violations occur are JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Sears. The biggest attraction to the mall beyond these retailers are AMC Freehold 14, Ruby Tuesday, The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang’s. The additional mall details can be found at the mall website by clicking here. Freehold Mall is accessible from several major roadways including U.S. Route 9. Below is a map to assist you with directions to Freehold Raceway Mall.


What Is The Difference Between a Disorderly Persons Offense or Indictable Crime for Shoplifting at Freehold Mall?

The primary difference is that an indictable crime is a felony that can only be handled at the Superior Court whereas a disorderly persons offense falls within the jurisdiction of Freehold Municipal Court. You should also know that the penalties are much more severe if you are convicted of a third degree or even fourth degree shoplifting, including the possibility of a state prison sentence.

How Can An Accomplished Shoplifting Lawyer At Our Firm Help You?

The ultimate goal of a lawyer is always to avoid a conviction for shoplifting in Freehold Mall or anywhere else. Dismissal of a N.J.S.A. 2c:20-11 charge is always the primary objection since that is unquestionably the very best outcome for a client. Even when this result is not possible, our attorneys strive to avert a criminal record, something that can be accomplished through conditional dismissal or a downgrade to a municipal ordinance violation in Freehold Township. Thankfully, our firm is able to achieve these types of outcomes in the overwhelming majority of Freehold Mall shoplifting cases.

Shoplifting Attorneys for Charges at Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold NJ

There are few substitutes for experience when it comes to defending a Freehold NJ shoplifting offense. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have been defending clients charged with shoplifting and other criminal charges in Freehold Township. If you are facing a retail theft offense, whether its a disorderly persons offense or felony shoplifting charge, our lawyers know what is necessary to reach a favorable resolution. To speak to a lawyer on our staff in a free consultation about your Freehold Raceway Mall arrest, contact our Freehold office anytime 24/7. An attorney is standing by now at 732-462-1197.


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